〜 SuperSaaSの使い方 〜





  • * Introduce new settings: ss_display_choice, ss_autologin_enabled, ss_widget_script
  • * If display_choice is equal to popup_btn – display a popup button instead of a button that forwards a user to supersaas
  • * Extract data from pasted script code
  • * Add support for providing a schedule name via shotcode for widget
  • * Update formatting
  • * Add custom javascript to plugin’s settings page
  • * Make state of setting buttons persistent between settings page visits; Update .gitignore
  • * Remove redundant on-page logging
  • * Remove button settings when widget display option is selected since the look of the button is being configured in widget wizard
  • * Fix widget initialization code in cases where schedule name was provided via shortcode; use default schedule in the widget initialization if provided in settings
  • * Remove custom domain setting when widget display option is selected as its redundant in that case
  • * Show schedule button regardless of WP user status
  • * Add options hash porp to shortcode so that each of widget properties could be cutomized; Use button settings for non-logged in WP user in case regular button display option is selected in plugin settings
  • * Hide button settings for widget option as widget button can be customized in widget builder
  • * Merge options provided in widget_script with options provided via shortcode; Validate shortcode options
  • * Update process and accuracy of replacements in ; Replace ‘null’ in widget parameters if schedule name provided and allow to render a schedule list if no name provided
  • * Use single source of truth of ‘schedule’ for both display options
  • * Add a link to /accounts/edit in plugin settings page API key field desc
  • * Allow to customzie widget button text via shortcode
  • * Consider any non-recognized shortcode attribute key as an override to widget options
  • * For widget view when name is empty, make sure to trigger a default behaviour for
  • * Update; Release notes in readme.txt and plugin version
  • * JM translations + suggestions
  • * Adopt nl translation updates and new suggestions into invocations
  • * Add ‘account name, not email’ validation
  • * JM translations
  • * Actualize locale invocations
  • * Add backward compatibility for users who will update the plugin without updating settings
  • * Remove ‘after’ from docs

プラグイン を活用している方はもちろん、ワードプレス上でSuperSaaSを使っているならちょっと見ておいてもいいかもですね


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